Benefits of Outsourcing Server Monitoring

January 17, 2020
January 17, 2020 rajautsav

Businesses run multiple servers to provide critical services consistently to staff as well as customers. These can come in the shape of core device servers, database servers, web servers, etc.
Server management is important because if any one server crashes, it has the potential to affect business and service delivery critically. Therefore, it is important to monitor performance issues actively, so that you can react quickly to them before the issues present a threat to data security.
Real-time monitoring of servers can be resource-intensive and costly. At the very same time, due to a lack of top-tech knowledge, this can also be hard to achieve.

83% of respondents said it was a challenge to find and recruit tech talent, according to a study conducted by Indeed, the world’s leading job search engine. We also felt that the lack of tech talent had hurt their business by slower research and development, increased depression of staff and drop in revenue.
Enterprises should outsource their real-time monitoring role to an existing managed services provider (MSP) to solve this problem.
This strategy would take off the pressure from IT departments already stressed while gaining access to some of the key advantages.


24/7 Alerts

Although artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way, human readiness to respond to any significant events is still imperative and unable to automate the entire process.  If this task is outsourced, a team of professionals will be ready to act in real-time, with live and program-driven monitoring.


Uptime assurance

It is essential to have Uptime Assurance. When you have an outsourced incident management team on standby, they will be able to manage corporate servers efficiently to maintain efficiency of business.

This can only be accomplished by tracking critical servers in real time; checking: space utilization, patch safety, loading speed, etc…. If your network is monitored round the clock, you can help prevent failure due to server health problems that lead to poor quality of service or operational disturbances.


Better Security

Businesses must also insure that their servers are consistently secure from attacks and protected against possible bugs. When malware evolves rapidly, it is vital to have a team of cyber specialists to keep a record of and respond appropriately to the latest threats and bugs.This will also include upgrading settings for server configurations or fixing server software to prevent possible threats.

Monitoring servers in real time can be extremely complicated and expensive but failure to engage in this operation can have severe consequences.

Outsourcing real-time server monitoring to an MSP with broad industry knowledge is an extremely effective solution for ensuring your servers remain as healthy as possible.

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